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Posted: July 21, 2017 in General, Wealth

This page is just the start of what I hope becomes something that adds value to your life.  I have been in the Real Estate game in Baltimore for 15 years and I am ready to share the knowledge that I have gained with those that want to head in my direction.

Here is a quick intro to who I am- Intro

Here is a link to a presentation that I did on my business that is about 1:20 long- HMB Meetup

If you want to schedule some time to work on your business, plans, or goals you can find my schedule here- Schedule

Of course, there has to be a Facebook page which is here- Facebook

My Bigger Pockets page is here- Bigger Pockets

If you have an extra 20 minutes you can listen to this podcast that I recently did-  Podcast

If you are here for my world famous ROI Spreadsheet you can find that here-  ROI Spreadsheet

If you are interested in our Friday lunches you can find us at 2601 Wilkens Avenue- Spirits West Country Club- we will be in the back room.

Thanks for stopping by!